About Yieldly

We are reconceptualizing value, including the way it is exchanged. In our vision, the community will exchange their digital assets swiftly and simply.

We are taking our first step towards connecting the blockchain universe by bringing DeFi to Algorand. Why Algorand? Because it allows users to trade faster, with lower fees and more security than any other protocol.



These are the Yieldly smart contracts. Do not send funds to any other contracts.

ContractContract Address
YLDY ERC20 token 0x88c...69e23
YLDY ASA token 226701642
Prize Game 233725844
Staking 233725850
Prize Game 233725844
Opting 233725843
Tracker 233725849
Rate 233725847
Proxy 233725848
Escrow 233725844



Yieldly’s smart contracts have undergone rigorous auditing by the award-winning cybersecurity firm Halborn, who have audited Coinbase, SushiSwap, Polygon and other top projects.



Yieldly will never directly message you first on any platform. Please be aware of scammers. If you have any issues please contact Yieldly support

[email protected]